Why an Imagine Pool?

A Backyard Oasis Is Only an Imagine Fiberglass Pool Installation Away

When it comes to swimming pool installations, you don’t want to wait until next season. That’s why Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools specializes in seamless, one-piece units, which can be ready for swimmers in just two or three days. They come in all different shapes and sizes, too, from the freeform Inspiration and Fantasy pools to the modern rectangular Marvelous and Illusion models.

Why Choose an Imagine Fiberglass Pool Installation?

Imagine’s line of pools has several benefits, including:

  • A nonabrasive surface—these pools are as smooth as it gets. There aren’t any rough or rocky surfaces that you can scrape a knee on. Imagine fiberglass pools come in one piece so there aren’t any rough seams, either.
  • Fewer chemicals needed—Unlike vinyl liner or concrete pools, a smooth fiberglass surface doesn’t harbor algae.
  • Low maintenance—these pools don’t need to be replastered, repainted, or resurfaced, nor do they need their liner replaced.
  • Extended durability—fiberglass pools are resilient—they actually get stronger with age. Its high tensile strength enables it to flex up to 12 inches without cracking, too, making it 17 times stronger than a concrete pool.
  • Quick installation—we can install your pool in as little as three to five days.
The bottom line: Imagine fiberglass pools are designed so you can spend more time enjoying them than maintaining them.

Imagine Pool Installation Is Our Specialty

Visit Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools in Oconomowoc to check out the different models and sizes available for immediate installation (or options for custom orders). We’re also available by phone—262-567-7665.