Serving Waukesha County, WI

As Wisconsin’s Leader in Fiberglass Pools, Brinkmann has made our Mark on the Greater Waukesha Area.

We have come a long way since our foundation in 2001. Today, Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools is the largest inground residential pool installer in the entire state of Wisconsin. However, Waukesha County always held a special place in our hearts. Our statewide business still resides in Waukesha County - in the city of Oconomowoc.

We love installing pools here! In fact, just over 50% of our pools have been installed in Waukesha County, which is the third-most populated county in Wisconsin. With over 400,000 residents, that is a huge number of people who could benefit from our fiberglass pools, our pool store with chemical testing, opening and closing services, and even water delivery!

Why Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools?

  • Our company has been in the inground pool business for decades. We know our trade inside out, and we are eager to help you transform your yard into a holiday destination!
  • You will work directly with founder Robb Brinkmann and his team.
  • Our outdoor showroom allows you to physically walk in our empty fiberglass shells, which gives you an in-person feel for size, shape, and even color. Being able to put yourself inside the pool before installation makes a major difference when deciding on which fiberglass pool shell to choose.
  • We have perfected our craft at installs, and are ready to set you up with anything you could need to make your dream backyard a reality. From outdoor living areas and retaining walls, to finish grading and seeding, our Construction Division makes the process turn-key.
  • Become a pool expert. Even our low maintenance fiberglass pools need a little love and care sometimes. Our Pool School is ready to teach you how to keep it in perfect shape.

Benefits of Pool Installation in the Waukesha County Area

Are you considering adding an inground pool to your Waukesha home? Brinkmann knows exactly how it’s done!

Robb Brinkmann, his family, and our team of pool installers are all intimately familiar with the rules and regulations governing pool installations in Waukesha County. We have obtained permits for most municipalities in the county. Therefore, we are confident that we can get you the approval you need for your dream backyard.

At Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools, we especially love how the geography in Waukesha County makes pool installation a breeze. The wonderful granular soil in the area helps us install your fiberglass pools efficiently and without any problems. Granular soil is important for pool

installation because it allows for better drainage around the pool. The granular soil in Waukesha County also makes it easier for our crew to excavate and use for base under the concrete decking, which saves you time and money.

No matter where you live, the experts at Brinkmann Fiberglass Pools can help. We have knowledge and experience installing pools in every city, town, and village in Waukesha County. Contact us today to get started creating the outdoor living area you have always wanted!

Our Latest Projects in Waukesha County

Browse a sampling of recent projects we have completed in Waukesha County below. You can click on any image to enlarge it.